Kachhi Community Development Association 
Water & Sanitation Project (Sindh Consortium Project): 
The Lower Sindh Consortium-Pakistan is comprised of 4 Christian development organizations (3 Local and 1 International): Pak Mission Society (PMS), Parkari Community Development Program (PCDP), Kachhi Community Development Association (KCDA) and Concentric Development Co. They are working in Sindh province and are committed to address the education, water, sanitation and Health & Hygiene (WASH) Challenges in Lower Sindh through the joint efforts / Programme of consortium partners. All signed MoU.  
WASH project improves access to adequate sanitation, provides clean water, reduces the incidences of diarrhea while addressing other health issues and creating time savings for women and girls who have responsibilities for fetching water. KCDA is the partner of Sindh consortium project and in 2016 received a small grant for the WASH project. In this project, KCDA worked in district Tando Allahyar, union council Chamber. In the pilot project, KCDA targeted 3 villages. The project activities are given below.  
1. CLTS sessions  
2. Theatre Performance  
3. Installation of Hand Pump  
4. Construction of Wash Place  
5. Construction of Model Toilets